I always wanted to be on TV! 

Republican screecher #2 is Judy from Missouri. She thinks this Akin thing is just one big librul “gotcha” plot! Also, “Blarg blarg blarg… ‘bortions!”

First contestent in our Republican Screechers contest is Jan from the Great State of Arizona. Jan’s a Morman with a Giant Chip on her shoulder!

I received this photo in the mail recently. Decided to re-gift it to a @cspanwj regular. Enjoy, @kybelle1957! And let’s keep our President and his beautiful family in the White House for another four years!

In which @Kybelle1957 waxes rhapsodic about the impending end of the humiliating (for racist old white people) reign of her nemesis, Michelle Obama. 

OK, here I think the problem is one of length. Chris’s protracted answer clocks in at just under two minutes. I’m quite certain that this is approximately 12 times the length of the caller’s attention span. Time how long it takes to articulate the following answer:

"I think Jason is powerfully articulating exactly the idiocy that runs through the state of Texas. Jason, your mom and your sister… same person? True or false?" 

Now, see, I think this kind of caller is looking for a real salt-of-the-earth workin’ man kind of answer. Such as: “Hey, nice to hear from a veteran. Thank you for your service. By the way, are you drunk? Because it’s pretty early, and you’re seriously slurring your words.  I guess there could be another explanation for the spite and “poor-me” butthurt (oxy? #Foxnews?), but why don’t you shove every empty bottle within reach up your… umm, next caller?” 

Angry caller is angry. Deftly handled by @cspanSusan

My own modest contribution to the sober morning conversation.

@jackhutton asks whether the campaign funding in Wisconsin might possibly be a little lopsided…