Jan from Arizona, letting it all hang out.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s jaw-dropping suggestion for women who work for religious groups that don’t want to pay for contraception. 

In which former Sen. Alan Simpson (Coot - Wyoming) tells me where to go.

Cher’s subsequent appearance on “Washington Journal,” to promote Operation Helmet during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

A celebrity calls in to @cspanwj to discuss what she saw at Walter Reed Army Hospital.




Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, 1961.

Joan, a 19 year old Freedom Rider, was sentenced to two months in prison for her involvement in the integration of a Jackson, Mississippi bound train.  She served more than the required two months because each addition day reduced her $200 fine by $3.

In the Fall of 1961, Joan transferred from Duke University to historically black Tougaloo Southern Christian College because she felt integration should be a two way street. 

Today Joan is a retired teaching assistant living in Virginia and mother to five sons.  After the 2008 election she brought her Obama pin to the grave of Medgar Evers.  

Everything about this.

Amazing… and adding this photo link from breachofpeace.com h/t @RockDots


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Joe Wilson (Clown - SC) and his shameful performance on @cspanwj, from 2002.

Libby and guest Cornel West struggle mightily with a viewer who doesn’t understand the synaptic mind-fuckery created by the broadcast delay. West’s comment here (“I think you’ve got to turn your television down little brother”) sets the new gold standard* for dealing with mutebaggers.

[BTW there’s an excellent interview/essay about West in Jeff Sharlet’s latest book, “Sweet Heaven When I Die.”]

*: Apologies to Ron Paul supporters