Paul Orgel’s first day as a @cspanwj host (4/16/93). The topic: our trade deficit with… Japan!

Greta (Wodele) Brawner’s first appearance (11/8/06) on @cspanwj… as a guest! 

First appearance by Pedro Echevarria on @cspanwj  (2/9/02)

Peter Slen’s first* appearance on @cspanwj. In this segment, Peter relates the results of an important poll in the Bush v. Gore Presidential race, and reports about a vicious attack on a Secret Service agent. (* The CSPAN search indicates one earlier appearance from 1995, but the VCR seems to have eaten the tape part-way through. Tape sucks.)

Third non-answer to the $2.3T (again, T for Trillion) number Rumsfeld gave here

A second non-answer to the trillions of unaccounted-for Pentagon $$$. Also not answered: who own the Washington Times?

@doobican calls in to question Rumsfeld’s statement of massive amounts of money lost by the Pentagon. 

(via Budget Cuts and Defense Spending - C-SPAN Video Library)

One weird call.

Rep. Anthony Weiner responds to the hissy fit over the President’s mean treatment of the Republicans in his recent speech.