Our own @kwright39 unloads on Halliburton and the Neocons. Rave on sister!  (h/t Ken)

Frank Gaffney’s latest attempt to scare the hell out of all of us. From the 3/12/11 edition of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.”

Merry Christmas to the Washington Journal hosts and staff… and all you @cspanwj tweeters, both naughty and nice!

Doobican on K2, the Decorticator, Eli Whitney, and CANNABIS!

He’s back. Again.


An 87 year old bigot from Oklahoma calls in, and blows the punchline of her hilarious Indian blanket joke.

@doobican calls in to talk about genetically modified crops. Also: CANNABIS!

Executive Summary

National debt is widely and falsely feared. Prudent use of debt can be a tool of national greatness. Using debt to overhaul the current tax code and transi- tion Social Security into pre-funded private accounts would significantly enhance the nation’s economic well being. The misguided consensus to “pay down the debt” will inevitably result in surpluses squandered and missed op- portunities for future generations.


WHO’S AFRAID OF THE NATIONAL DEBT? The Virtues of Borrowing as a Tool of National Greatness

Lawrence A. Hunter and Steve Conover


July 2001